Detection Control Devices

Well proven sensing detectors


Luke Alexander offers a high performance and well-proven sensing detectors, together with advances in materials and electronics technology, ensuring more accuracy and reliability in these very important devices.

Thermal Detector Series 65A

Ionization Smoke Detector Series 65A

Photo-Electric Smoke Detector Series 65A

Photo-Electric Smoke Detector Series 65B

Multi-Purpose Smoke Detector Series 65B

Multi-Purpose Combination Heat Detector Series 65B

LKR-24 Photoelectric Smoke Detector

LKP-24VN Photoelectric Smoke Detector

LKP-24H Photoelectric/Heat Smoke Detector

LKR-835 Photoelectric Smoke Detector

LKR-835H Photoelectric/Heat Smoke Detector

LKR-835B Series Direct-Wire Photoelectric Smoke Detector With Trim Ring

LKV-24M Marine Photoelectric Smoke Sensor

LKD-135/190 Fixed Temperature/Rate of Rise Heat Detector

LKE-135/190 Fixed Temperature Heat Detector

LKC-EA Rate of Rise Heat Detector

LKC-24 Projected Beam Smoke Detector

LK-98 Conventional Duct Detector

LK6 Series and LK4 Series Conventional Detector Bases

LKC-220, LKC-220L & LKC-4R Conventional Detector Bases

Wide operating voltage
Advance electronic technology
Proven detection performance
Low current consumptions
Low standby power requirements